About us

International Journal of Medical Science and Education (IJMSE) is one of the popular quarterly indexed international Medical Science journals published by the Association of Scientific and Medical Education. IJMSE is a peer-reviewed journal which is available online and in print format as well. IJMSE broad-based open access was founded on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of our functional Journals. Secondly, to provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference purposes.

Why choose IJMSE Journals

1. On-line publication in advance of the printed journal.

2.Peer Review Process: The main aim of the peer review process is the maintain the quality of the published article under IJMSE.

3.Quick Reply of any query: Anybody can get answers to their queries within 24 hours by emailing at
editor@ijmse.com .

4. IJMSE Journals provide e- Certificates to all authors free of Cost.

5. IJMSE Journals also publish as printed version with online version.

6. Article-processing charges (APC):
This charge covers the entire cost of the publication process, which includes peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining, online hosting and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full-text versions of the research articles.  However, the APC is payable only if the article gets accepted for publishing.
​Post Acceptance APC: Rs. 4000/-(For articles from within India:) or USD 60/-(For articles from outside India:)for each article. APC includes plagiarism checking , peer review,
online publishing and one hard copy.

Aim: IJMSE is an answer to the wishes and desires of many researchers and teachers in developing nations who lack free access to quality materials online. This Journal opts to bring panacea to this problem and to encourage research development. It aims to disseminate knowledge; provide a learned reference in the field; and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policymakers and executives in industry, commerce and investment institutions.

Scope: IJMSE follows stringent guidelines to select the manuscripts on the basis of its originality, importance, timeliness, accessibility, grace and astonishing conclusions. The journal publishes original research article from Medical science which also includes some untouched areas like Health and Hospital Management, Biodiversity & Conservation, Occupational and Environmental Sciences, Medical education and ethics etc.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to contribute to the progress and application of scientific discoveries, by providing free access to research information online without financial, legal or technical barriers. IJMSE is dedicated to promoting high-quality research work in the field of health and allied sciences.

About the Editors:

IJMSE management team is very particular in selecting its editorial board members. Editorial board members are selected on the basis of expertise, experience and their contribution in the field of Science. Editors are selected from different countries and every year editorial team is updated. All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time journal management professionals.

 IJMSE Award for Best Article:

IJMSE editorial team selects one 'Best Article' in every issue for the award among published articles.

FTR (Fast Track Review Process) at IJMSE:

IJMSE adopts unique FTR process to facilitate rapid publication. FTR system ensures that the accepted manuscript will be published within four weeks from the date of acceptance.